About Us


Our team has over ten years experience within the luxury jewellery industry, including our certified GIA gemologist Natalie.

We choose to only sell GIA stones, one of the most respected independent diamond grading laboratories. They are credited with developing the 4C's grading system (Cut, Clarity, Carat Weight and Colour).

A GIA certified stone means you can buy with total confidence.


Just like commissioning an original artwork, we can create a unique engagement ring or piece of jewellery hand-crafted to your specifications.

Our in-house designer can discuss ideas and will involve you at every stage, from your first sketch to your gemstone selection.

We specialise in creating handmade bespoke wedding bands to custom fit your unusually shaped engagement ring, prices starting at £500.


Imagine your damaged or unworn family heirlooms transformed into beautiful meaningful jewellery. We can create a handmade piece of jewellery using your ideas and transforming your family heirloom encapsulating your memories of the piece.

 Each piece of jewellery will be handmade by British workshops with talented craftsmen.